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OÜ Marglin was established in 1995 as an Estonian-Swedish joint company. The goal was to develop and produce something that was not on the market at the time – small minilifts, which could be used in rooms where conventional lifting equipment would be impractical or impossible to use due to lack of room. The first customers were the canteens of Swedish schools.
Thanks to the advertisement and promotion done by our Swedish partner firm, AB New Mechanic, the customer circle expanded first throughout the Nordic countries and after a while to the rest of Western Europe.
Today our minilifts can be found in all EU Countries, USA, Canada, Argentine, Australia, Japan, Korea and Singapore.
Lately the proportion of specially constructed minilifts has increased in our production.
We produce around 500-600 minilifts a year, depending on the market demand.
We also work with metal on CNC-benches. We have two CNC lathes (Haas SL 20 and Gildemeister N.E.F. CT 60) and one CNC workstation - Matsuura.

About us