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¤ All procducts correspond to all lifting equipment safety measures in Europe, EN 1757.
¤ When choosing a minilift, think about the goods you are about to lift - they should not
exceed the lift capability nor the lift platform measurements. If You wish for some special
construction, contact us and we will help You.
¤ Minilifts with special width, lift height and one-off platform modifications can be made
to suit the customers' special needs for their lift.
¤ Our minilifts can lift goods from 60kg to 200kg.
¤ Minilifts with the capacity of 80-200kg can also be made of stainless material.

We also work with metal on the following CNC workstations:
* Haas SL 20,
* Gildemeister CT 60, Ø260 x L1000mm,
* Matsuura 510 (vertical), table 510 x 400mm, 20 blades.
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